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Marijuana is Officially Legal for Recreational Use in New Jersey

It’s here. The state of New Jersey officially kicked off the recreational sale of marijuana at its dispensaries on April 21, 2022. If you are a resident of the Garden State, and live in the vicinity of one of the seven dispensaries, you have had the pleasure of witnessing hordes of people, waiting in lines wrapped around buildings, to indulge in the seemingly long-awaited addition.

New Jersey has become one of 18 states and Washington, D.C. to legalize recreational marijuana for individuals who are 21 and older. New Jersey was also one of 37 states that already legalized medical marijuana years prior.

New Jersey’s neighbor, Pennsylvania (which we are also licensed in), legalized medical marijuana, but appears to be standing strong on resisting recreational. However, larger cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have decriminalized marijuana or made it a “low law enforcement priority.”

New Jersey’s other neighbor, Delaware (which we are also licensed in), did not pass recreational marijuana legislature in March 2022.

For New Jersey’s dispensaries to get approval for serve recreational customers, “the centers agreed that the coming influx of recreational buyers won’t interrupt access for patients. The facilities said they would reserve parking spaces for patients as well as keep hours specifically for patients only,” stated Mike Catalini of Insurance Journal.

Ben Kovler, CEO of Green Thumb Industries, which operates dispensaries in multiple states across the U.S., stated that he was expecting a “tidal wave” of demand. A tidal wave, indeed!

“We are witnessing the end of prohibition 2.0,” stated Kovler.

Should we be anticipating an impact in the claim realm? Only time will tell.

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