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Insurance Fraud Investigation Discovers More Sinister Motives in Vermont Murder Case

According to Andrew G. Simpson of Claims Journal, last month, 28-year-old Nathan Carman of Vermont has been charged with attempting to defraud his boat insurance company, and with murder charges in the deaths of his own grandfather and mother in a heinous plan to obtain inheritance money.

Here are some key points and a timeline in the case as highlighted by Claims Journal, citing the indictment and the US Attorney’s Office for Vermont:

  • “Carman is alleged to have shot his grandfather, John Chakalos, in December 2013 in order to access his $550,000 inheritance from the estate of his grandfather, who made millions in real estate.”

  • “About three years later, when he was low on funds, Carman arranged for the death of Linda Carman, his own mother and one of Chakalos’s four daughters…”

  • “The indictment alleges Carman killed his mother to gain her inheritance from his grandfather, an amount court documents indicate could be as much as $7 million. He also schemed to fraudulently obtain $85,000 from his boat insurance company…”

  • “Carman took his mother on a fishing trip in waters off Rhode Island in a boat named Chicken Pox, a vessel which he admits he had modified prior to the trip in several ways, including removing two forward bulkheads, removing trim tabs from the transom of the hull and improperly repairing several large holes.”

  • “After leaving the marina, Carman killed his mother and eventually sank the Chicken Pox, according to the indictment. He turned up alive a week later on a life raft. His mother has never been found.”

  • “After he was rescued, prosecutors say he made false statements to the Coast Guard, law enforcement investigating, and others about what happened to his mother and about what occurred on the Chicken Pox.”

As always, Carman is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Full story can be found here.

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