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Establishing an Investigative Partnership to Combat Fraud

n Claims Journal’s video featuring the Vice President of Probe Information Services, Dalene Bartholomew, methods to combat workers’ compensation claimant fraud are explained, with a specific focus on the importance of establishing an investigative partnership. Facilitating a close relationship with our clients is what we strive for every single day, as we believe there is no better way to serve your needs.

Bartholomew explains that one of the best ways to combat workers’ compensation fraud is to, “have an investigative partnership with an investigative company that really gets to know them, their culture, their employees, that way they can provide a rapid response and get involved very early in the onset of a claim to collect information, take statements, identify witnesses, gather all of the information that is needed to make a compensability determination and administer benefits quickly for appropriate claims or stop claims that are unwarranted.”

We cannot stress enough how having a rapid response investigative approach to a new claim can really make or break it, and this goes for not only workers’ compensation, but for auto, liability, and property casualty as well. Staying proactive is a crucial advantage in the claims industry, and in order to help you achieve that, we pride ourselves completely on customer service. So when you call us and need us out immediately for statements, scene photographs, surveillance, etc. on a rush basis, we have you covered.

Aside from rapid response, Bartholomew also notes that, “By consistently investigating, employees then learn that ‘when I file a claim, I know that an investigator is going to coming out. They’re going to interview me. They’re going to interview my co-workers. They’re going to interview my supervisor. They’re going to gather evidence.’ And so by creating that culture, employees then know that ahead of time and they’re going to more likely only report legitimate claims. Also having an investigator get involved really early, you’re able to gather any evidence so if there is a subrogation situation, that evidence would be preserved. If there’s any sort of in-house video being taken, or a lot of people have video now on their phones, so we want to make sure we’re capturing that information.”

Since 1997, our mission has been to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand your objectives, and meet or exceed your expectations. We dedicate ourselves to these values: working hard, providing superior investigative services on a timely, effective and efficient basis, and maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. We encourage initiative, innovation, teamwork, and loyalty.

Our philosophy is simple. The staff at ICU takes pride in the relationships that come to fruition by establishing a mutually beneficial business platform, and we continue to strive to exceed your expectations, every time.

View the full video below:

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