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Caught on Camera: Colorado Contractor Fabricates Hail Damage

According to Brian Maass of CBS News Colorado, David Kuntz, a Sales Manager for Timberland Exteriors of Colorado, was caught fabricating hail damage on surveillance footage while offering inspections and attempting to solicit business on August 22, 2023.

Maass writes, “The tape shows Kuntz marking gutters, downspouts, and a garage with chalk so an insurance adjuster would know where the hail damage was. But when Kuntz is looking at the home's aluminum garage door, he appears to repeatedly use some sort of tool or implement to create dents on the garage door. He then circles those dents with chalk, suggesting they were caused by hail.”

CBS interviewed Kuntz and showed him the video, to which he responded, “looks like I was pushing in.. shouldn't have been doing that.” He stated that he is "trying to be Robin Hood all the time. I'm trying to get them(homeowners)money. There I am trying to help these dumb M-Fers and it obviously backfired. In that situation, I was probably trying too hard to help them out. Maybe I get too aggressive,” and “Pushing too hard to make it look right so they could get their money. Bottom line." He went on to say that “most of these customers can't afford Colorado anymore. This extra stuff helps them pay their deductible because they're ripped off in their policies.”

Needless to say, the homeowners did not pursue a hail damage claim.

See the video here.

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