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  • Dean Smith

Caught in the Act: Claimants Committing Fraud on Camera

Tim Sprinkle of highlights how obtaining surveillance video of blatant fraudulent offenders in the act of committing their crimes has turned out to be a “funny, viral, and downright educational look into the real world of insurance crimes.”

Video 1: Claimant alleges he was struck by a Mercury insured vehicle while he was riding by on his bicycle. The claimant called police, went to the hospital, and took the insured to court. But a security camera in the parking lot tells a much different story:

Click to View Video 1

If you are not able to view this video, it shows the claimant striking the back of the insured vehicle with his HAND to create the sound of an impact and immediately jumping off his bike, landing on the ground.

Video 2: Legitimate accidents happen all the time, but Mercury insurance highlights this next incident in which the insured claimed that a repair van rear-ended them, injuring the two passengers in the vehicle. There was a big problem, however. The driver of the repair van was ADAMANT in denying that he rear-ended the insured. Security footage was drawn thereafter:

Click to View Video 2

If you are not able to view this video, it shows the insured pulling up to a light, stopping, throwing the vehicle in reverse, and slamming backwards into the repair van.

Sprinkle says it best with, “You can’t cure stupid. But you can videotape it.”

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