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Bringing the Investigation Indoors with Internal Analytical Investigators

ICU’s Internal Analytical Investigators are a talented group of individuals who have their hands in virtually every single case we receive. As of late, since we’ve been forced to bring the investigating mostly indoors, we would like to open up our doors to you and show you what we do behind them.

Internal Analytical Investigations include the following:

  1. Internet Profile Report (IPR) – Deep Web

Personal profile, social networking sites, extensive internet/database searches, employment, property information to determine lifestyle, hobbies, activities, etc.

  1. Background Investigation

Includes personal profile to include social security number verification, employment search, corporate/business affiliations, litigation investigation, statewide criminal search (per state availability), and an IPR.

  1. Hospital/Radiology/Pharmacy Canvass

Develops undisclosed prior medical treatment, in-patient or outpatient admissions and Emergency Room visits, undisclosed x-ray, MRI, CT-scans, and filled prescriptions. Urgent Care facilities are also searched within hospital and radiology canvasses at no additional cost.

  1. Basic Asset Investigation

Includes a personal profile, addresses verification, property ownership, possible employment, and social media investigation.

  1. Comprehensive Asset Investigation

Includes personal profile, social media investigation, employment check, current DMV ownership to include motor vehicles, boats and recreational vehicles (if available), litigation search, property ownership, UCC filings, and corporate/business affiliations.

  1. Litigation Investigation

Nationwide/Statewide and federal civil litigation, liens and judgments, plaintiff and defendant records, UCC filings, and bankruptcies.

Personal profile providing the most recent address, property ownership information, possible associated phone numbers, and social media investigation.

  1. Insurance in Household Investigation

Utilizing databases, all developed names and vehicles found will be verified through the DMV for ownership and insurance coverage on the date of loss. Per state availability.

  1. DMV Searches

Vehicle ownership and insurance, covering the date of loss or current, per request. Availability varies by state.

  1. Criminal Search

Criminal records, availability varies by state.

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