Need to locate someone and don’t know where to start? Our Skip Locate Investigation can offer some insight on finding an individual. We will focus on developing any current and previously reported addresses as well as telephone numbers and email addresses associated with the individual.


We will utilize multiple proprietary databases to obtain some basic information regarding an individual such as associated names, dates of birth, social security numbers and telephone numbers. This will also help us determine an address history of where they are currently residing or have previously resided within the United States.

With each developed address that an individual has been found associated with in the last 6 months, we will also provide a contact number for the residence and property ownership information, if available.

Our investigation also includes a social media and internet search. This will allow us to further navigate into an individual’s whereabouts. If a Facebook account is found for the individual, they may provide their current city and state within the About section of their Facebook accounts. Also, while scrolling through their timeline, they may have checked into businesses such as a restaurant or a gym.


This may help us narrow down the area/region the individual may be currently residing in. For example, if our initial search indicated multiple addresses for an individual, however, we developed a Facebook account which they are actively utilizing. Every day, they may go to a gym and “Check In” at their gym in one of the towns we found in our initial search. It is possible they moved to or currently reside in that area. 



​To further locate an individual, for additional costs, we can utilize DMV records for addresses listed on an individual’s driver’s license or a mail forwarding service to determine if they have recently moved and provided the US Postal Service with a new address for their mail.


Our mission to help locate any individual to the best of our ability utilizing all resources available. We are here to assist you! Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

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