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Person Location Services

Locating a person who doesn't want to be discovered is a challenge – even with internet resources. Once an individual disappears, finding their trail is a time-consuming task that often requires field work and witness interviews as well as electronic investigations. At ICU Investigations, we provide comprehensive missing person services, backed by over thirty years of investigative experience. We locate the elusive subject, allowing you to focus on getting the real job done.​

ICU Investigation's investigators have the resources and training to provide the insight you need. Using our proprietary databases, we develop a profile showing an individual's relevant telephone numbers, associated names, dates of birth, associated email accounts, social security number, and a detailed residence history that includes each site's contact information. When available, we include the property ownership records related to the subject's history (dependent on local regulations).

We build on our profile through an in-depth examination of major social media platforms. For example, if a Facebook account is found for the individual, typically registered through an alias, the subject's current city and state can often be derived through their activity, such as "checking in" at a location, e.g. restaurant, shopping center, or gym, identifying a geographic landmark that consistently shows in their images, or through the information entered in their "About" section. Every piece of information fleshes out our profile, and narrows down the area/region an individual resides at.


Depending on your case, we offer additional services utilizing DMV records to develop additional addresses and residences or an analysis of the US Postal Service mail forwarding to explore possible connections with the subject. ICU Investigations is here to assist you! Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

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