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Two Wildwood, NJ Mayors and City Commissioner Indicted for Health Insurance Fraud

According to Danielle Ellis of CBS News, current Wildwood Mayor, Peter Byron, former Wildwood Mayor, Ernest Troiano, Jr., and current Wildwood City Commissioner, Steve Mikulski, have all been indicted for health insurance fraud, AGAIN.

The charges have been reinstated by a grand jury that were previously dismissed in July 2023, after New Jersey Superior Court Judge, Bernard DeLury, Jr. out of Cape May County, NJ, granted a motion to dismiss. The dismissal allowed the Attorney General’s Office to pick up the case and put it in front of a grand jury.

Here are the details of the indictment:

  • “Prosecutors allege that Byron, Troiano and Mikulski fraudulently enrolled in the SHBP and received publicly funded health benefits despite not being "full-time" employees in accordance with New Jersey laws.”

  • “Troiano and Byron, who were both elected to the Wildwood city commission in 2011 and when Troiano was sworn in as mayor, both voted to pass a resolution that declared themselves full-time employees in an attempt to justify their enrollment in the SHBP. However, Platkin alleges that neither worked a regular full-time schedule, defined as ‘35 or more hours per week,’ and falsely signed and submitted timesheets indicating they worked full days Monday through Friday.”

  • “As a result of their alleged false submissions, Wildwood and the SHBP paid more than $286,500 in premiums and claims on behalf of Troiano from July 2011 through December 2019, and paid nearly $607,000 on behalf of Byron from July 2011 through October 2021.”

  • “Then, in 2020, Mikulski became a member of the Wildwood Commission and eventually enrolled in the SHBP as well, where SHBP paid over $13,000 on his behalf through October 2021, according to prosecutors. It is also alleged that Mikulski knowingly made false statements in a form submitted to the city.”

They have been charged with official misconduct, theft by unlawful taking, tampering with public records, and falsifying or tampering with records.

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