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Two Men Charged with Setting Blaze for Insurance Money Resulting in Philadelphia Firefighter’s Death

According to Andrew G. Simpson of Insurance Journal, 29-year-old Al-Ashraf Khalil and 29-year-old Isaam Jaghama of Philadelphia have officially been charged with setting a blaze that killed a firefighter and injured five other individuals in the summer of 2022.

On June 18, 2022, Khalil and Jaghama allegedly entered the building’s basement, which accommodated a pizza shop and multiple apartments upstairs, and started the fire in the kitchen area. Eight individuals made it out of the apartments, however, Lt. Sean Williamson, 51, was trapped inside the building as it collapsed after the fire was brought under control. Prosecutors indicated that Khalil was looking to collect the insurance payout.

Simpson writes that, “Shortly after the fire occurred, authorities said Khalil flew from the United States to Jordan after telling investigators he had no travel plans. However, he was refused entry to Jordan and was arrested at an airport in New York City. Authorities have said they used handcuffs that had the deceased firefighter’s initials on them.”

Both men have each been charged with conspiracy and malicious damage, however, Khalil, the owner of the building who was first charged last year, is now facing new charges of wire fraud and using fire in furtherance of committing said fraud. They are facing up to life in prison if convicted.


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