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Summer in Full Swing: Maximize Investigative Efforts with Internet Profile Reports and Surveillance

Summer is here (FINALLY)!!! Now is the time to maximize investigative efforts with Internet Profile Reports and scheduling surveillance. The summer months bring endless activity and the ability of claimants to perform physical acts that their doctors, and certainly their attorneys, never thought would be possible according to their claims.


A follow up to Memorial Day Weekend will be beneficial, 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend are coming, vacation travel is at a high, and there are countless celebrations and parties for graduations, holidays, birthdays, BBQ's, etc. This is prime time for ICU’s Surveillance Investigators to document fraudulent claims, and for our Internal Analytical Investigators to document all social media activity that accompanies it. Utilizing our Internet Profile Reports to monitor social media accounts prior to surveillance provides us with countless leads, and continuous monitoring with our IPR 365 Social Media Monitoring can document your claimant's activities all summer long (and longer).


Some examples of activity we capture:


  • Preparations for vacations, camping trips, etc.

  • Putting children on shoulders

  • Heavy packing

  • Carrying heavy coolers

  • Walking/biking/jogging miles of boardwalk

  • Swimming

  • Towing excessive beach equipment (umbrellas, toys, chairs, overstuffed beach bags) down crowded beaches

  • Lifting, carrying, and loading hefty luggage in/out of a vehicle and to/from home

  • Excessive preparations for barbecues and parties (grilling, cooking, loading ice/alcoholic beverages/coolers/etc.)

  • Drinking to excess, causing slips, falls and “injuries,” doing drugs (which may help in proving the character of the individual).


Summer months also bring activity that has nothing to do with celebrating, but with summer preparation or renovations to claimants’ homes. Examples:


  • Spring cleaning

  • Landscaping to include weeding, mowing, planting, gardening, etc.

  • Lawn/shrub/tree trimming and care

  • Opening and maintaining pools and spas

  • Fixing fences/decking

  • Painting/staining

  • Power washing

  • Maintaining recreational vehicles such as boats, wave runners, jet skis, ATVs


Furthermore, we know that claimants are not the only people taking time to go on vacation. So are you! Schedule your Internet Profile Reports and Surveillance before your vacation, relax, and we’ll have your results by the time you get back!


Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY!

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