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  • Dean Smith

Philadelphia Police Officer Charged with Insurance Fraud reports that Philadelphia Police Officer April Shaynick, 42, left an accident scene and filed a fraudulent claim after a crash on August 9th, 2012 at the intersection of Van Kirk Street and Summerdale Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia.

The 14-year veteran, working in the 1st District in South Philadelphia, was off duty driving in her 2004 Honda Civic, ran a stop sign, and crashed into two people in a 2003 Mazda Protégé. She fled without knowing the condition of the people inside the vehicle, one of which was transported to the hospital with a knee injury.

According to prosecutors, there were several witnesses to the accident. But thanks to an observant pizza delivery man, prosecutors were able to obtain a picture of Shaynick’s license plate.

The next day, Shaynick filed a fraudulent claim through her insurance company, stating her parked car was hit outside of her home. She created a false police report and sent it over to receive a $4,000 check to fix the vehicle.

Since December, Shaynick is charged with theft, false reports to law enforcement, insurance fraud, among other offenses, and in turn has been suspended for 30 days, pending discharge.

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