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Identities of 54 Philadelphia Area Residents Stolen to Commit Insurance Fraud

According to Michael Taanenbaum of PhillyVoice, 25-year-old Brittany Locke-Perez of Georgia has officially been charged with theft by deception, forgery, and insurance fraud for allegedly stealing the identities of 54 Philadelphia area residents to collect commission on fraudulent critical illness insurance policies.

Locke-Perez was employed by Kingdom Insurance Group in Thomasville, GA and was licensed to sell Critical Illness policies by Mutual of Omaha in the Philadelphia region. Kingdom Insurance Group initiated an investigation with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes and Insurance Fraud Unit after no receipt of payments for 48 policies sold between December 2018 and January 2019. Locke-Perez allegedly used the social security numbers and dates of birth of 48 Philadelphians to “purchase” the policies in order to receive $42,585.73 in commission. 54 identities in total were stolen.

Locke-Perez is scheduled to appear in court on January 28, 2020, and her employment with Kingdom Insurance Group has been terminated.

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