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ICU's IPR 365 Social Media Monitoring: Find Out What You're Missing

But what happens after the original Internet Profile Report?

Social media searches are imperative to the claims-handling process. However, if a claimant's social media isn't monitored 365 days a year, you may be missing critical content.

ICU's Analytical Investigators have extensive experience with online algorithms, non-technical user interface, and data management. We have developed the IPR (Internet Profile Report) 365 Social Media Monitoring platform, which will continuously monitor the social media and internet presence of each claimant submitted, as a means of providing you with the most comprehensive social media search in the investigative industry.

ICU utilizes algorithms to actively monitor social media and internet presence, scanning continuously for 365 days after the receipt of the assignment.

Following the completion of the original Internet Profile Report, Analytical Investigators will review and provide a periodic supplemental report on any additional, relevant content developed from the subject’s social media accounts and internet presence.

Find out what you’re missing.

Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

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