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  • Dean Smith

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail: Police Officer Charged with Insurance Fraud

How will we ever forget the famed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? The challenge brought awareness and millions of dollars in donations to ALS research, also known as Lou Gherig’s Disease. The most entertaining videos were usually Ice Bucket Challenge fails, but some did more harm than good, especially for a California police officer with perhaps the biggest Ice Bucket Challenge fail of all: she was receiving disability benefits when she was caught on tape. According to Insurance Journal, 39-year-old Jaime Robinson of Pasadena, California was seen in an online video, dumping a five gallon bucket of ice water over a co-worker’s head in July of 2014. The problem? Robinson was receiving disability benefits for a claim alleging she had a back injury. Prosecutors found the video online and officially charged Robinson with four counts of insurance fraud, also alleging that she exaggerated her injuries to receive disability payments originally back in 2012. Robinson has pleaded not guilty and could face over 6 years in jail if convicted. Source

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