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Former Linebacker Wins Workers’ Compensation Case Against Philadelphia Eagles

According to Insurance Journal, former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Emmanuel Acho, won his workers' compensation case against the team last month involving thumb injuries he sustained in 2015.

Here is a timeline of events:

  • “On August 11, 2015, while practicing, Acho injured his thumb but continued to play football.”

  • “On August 23, [2015], he fractured the same thumb during practice. He completed practice and later was treated by Dr. Randall Culp, who performed surgery on his thumb. Acho could not participate in any physical activity for approximately three weeks after the surgery and he was released from the Eagles’ roster immediately after his surgery.”

  • “After physical rehabilitation, Dr. Culp removed the pins from Acho’s hand and cleared him to play football even though he continued to have pain and weakness in the thumb. He re-signed with the Eagles on November 10, 2015. However, his thumb remained symptomatic and he did not play in any games in 2015. He practiced with a brace and wrapping on his right hand and his participation was limited to special teams and scouting. He was released by the team 16 days after being re-signed.”

  • “Thereafter, Acho attempted to try out for other teams, but found that he could not play at his pre-injury level. He was not offered any positions on any other team and has not played professional football again. Acho believes that his thumb injury made him physically unable to play football at a high level, which is why he was never signed by any team after the Eagles released him in 2015.”

  • “In 2018, Acho filed disability claims while the Eagles moved to terminate benefits with regard to both injuries.”

The Eagles disputed all claims, insisting that Acho was not released by the team due to his injury. However, the appeals court disagreed, citing “substantial evidence” that he was released because of his injury, he ceased playing football immediately following the thumb injury, and that “the displacement and arthritis in Acho’s thumb were related to his 2015 injury and more than likely resulted in pain and decreased function in his thumb; that ongoing treatment, potentially to include surgery, would be required; and that displacement, arthritis, and joint pain interfere with the player’s ability to use his hands.”

Some tough losses for the Philadelphia Eagles lately, huh?

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