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Claims and Social Media Investigations: What we Gather from Internet Profile Reports

Analytical Investigators at ICU Investigations have extensive experience and pride themselves on efficiency and the ability to locate and examine the social media accounts of claimants to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Myspace, Google+ and more, highlighting the most pertinent and relevant information regarding the claim prior to, during, and post date of loss.

A social media investigation is an in-depth, intensive analysis of a subject’s social media presence across all platforms, both hidden and public, for the purposes of revealing the following information about your claimant or subject:

Their daily activities

Physical assertion




Social life


Extracurricular activities

And more!

Social media is our window into the personal lives of individuals, and most of the content is coming from the claimant directly in the form of:






Metadata (when available)

The age of social media is alive and well, and investigators at ICU are constantly adapting to changes in social media platforms and the investigative industry to combat fraud on behalf of our clients.

Contact ICU Investigations for further information regarding our Internet Profile Reports today!

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