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Bar Brawl or Workplace Injury? Washington Man Charged in Workers’ Compensation Fraud Case

Oh, the power of social media and the desire for humans to share their every thought and experience! These stories are our absolute favorite!

According to KING 5, Chuck Riccio of Yelm, Washington filed a workers’ compensation claim in the fall of 2018 after sustaining a hand injury while allegedly pulling apart a shower unit while working for a bathware manufacturer and received $1,000 in benefits for treatment.

Randy Littlefield, Chief of Investigations for Labor & Industries stated, “This case, from the beginning, just smelled bad.”

Investigators spoke with multiple witnesses who confirmed that Riccio got into a bar fight and sustained the hand injury punching his opponent. KING 5 reported that, “Evidence obtained by investigators details text messages sent by Riccio indicating he knew exactly what he was doing, at one point texting a photo of his bandaged hand with the message, ‘Now L&I (Labor and Industries) will cover it.’” Furthermore, and HERE’S THE KICKER, on August 27th, 2018, Riccio posted to his personal Facebook account that he got into a bar fight.

An arrest warrant for Riccio was issued last month and he would have been charged with second degree theft, however, Riccio did not appear for court.

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