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5 Signs your Girlfriend or Wife May be Cheating

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Suspicious that your wife or girlfriend may be cheating? Take a look at the behavior changes listed below, posted on AskMen.com, and decide for yourself. 1. Newly independentSome women thrive off of your constant company. You have to accompany her to the grocery store, to the gym, and you must hold hands when you cross the street. She’s overly needy. But if you’re suddenly starting to notice that she doesn’t need your company any longer, raise that red flag. This is probably not a case of “she needs some alone time.” This may be a case of “someone else is filling your shoes.” 2. She lets you get away with everythingLet’s face it. Men screw up. You forget to meet her for lunch and you bail on hanging out with her to spend some time with the guys…and these things make her angry. But now, if you’re noticing that all of your mistakes are met with acceptance instead of frustration, it could simply be because she no longer cares…but why doesn’t she care anymore? 3. Quiet and secretiveShe couldn’t wait to get home and tell you all about her day and what happened at work and who she ran into on her lunch break at the café down the street. And just like that, she stops sharing her daily events with you and could care less about volunteering any information about her life. Maybe she’s realized that you don’t really care to hear about it and she doesn’t want to waste her breath any longer, but our guess is that she doesn’t want to tell you want she’s been doing all day. 4. Focus turns to youShe used to love answering your questions about her whereabouts and activities. But now, when you do ask her questions, she turns the tables on you. She asks how YOUR night was and what YOU did, instead of chatting you up about every last detail. She’s purposely taking the focus off of her. 5. OvercompensationNow that she’s making sure ALL of the focus is on you, you’re showered with compliments, date invites, “I love you” cards (just because), she cut the grass, and she’s watching football….? While it may feel like she just turned into the best girlfriend or wife on planet earth, be careful what you wish for. It’s this kind of overcompensating behavior that should ultimately raise your suspicions. What should you do after you spot the signs you have a cheating wife?Get ANSWERS with ICU Investigations.800-524-9755Call for your free consultation.


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