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Workers compensation is insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees that were injured on the job in exchange for liability not pursuing a lawsuit. Workers compensation fraud, on the other hand, is when an employer, claimant or healthcare provider lies to gain money, advantage, and other benefits. There is a common misconception that workers compensation fraud only happens on the employee’s end, but that is not always the case.


Insurance fraud is one of the most expensive and common types of fraud, costing billions of dollars each year in damages across the country to corporations. Most companies never pursue insurance fraud investigations, making themselves vulnerable to fraudsters and potentially massive financial losses. An insurance fraud investigator examines all aspects of insurance claims to ensure the claim is valid and authentic. If any suspicious activity or fraud is uncovered the investigators at ICU Investigations will find the evidence to defend your business or organization against these fraudulent claims, so you are not paying out funds unnecessarily.

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