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Two decades ago, no one foresaw the rise of social media platforms. Today, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a host of others play critical roles in our personal and professional lives as we share information with one another in the largest public forum ever created.


Unsurprisingly, not everyone is careful about what they publish, and whether your interest is commercial or private, ICU Investigations develops in-depth social media analyses across multiple platforms and profiles.

Our Internet Profile Report combs through social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, identifying an individual's footprint and analyzing the published information across their channels and profiles. Through ICU Investigation's proprietary databases, we compare a subject's known names and aliases, date of birth, address history, contact information, and family relations, to identify an individual's known, or circumspect, social media accounts. Using this analysis, our social media experts conduct an in-depth investigation on each platform, identifying the relevant information and assembling the data into a comprehensive report that answers your questions.

These social media accounts often include employment history, unpublished contact information, educational backgrounds, relationship statuses, as well as life events and injuries, and our private investigator's report includes any identifying photographs or videos relevant to your case. We tailor each case to individual needs, and focus our research according to the information a client is searching for.


If we determine the individual of interest is active on his or her social media accounts, we offer an Internet Profile Report – 365 Monitoring. This service includes a monthly supplemental report regarding our findings. If the subject’s claim has been settled or closed, please let us know and we will discontinue our monitoring per your instructions.

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We uncover individual’s social media presences, and we’re here to help! Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

*Per client request, we offer additional services, such as securing surveillance video, to supplement our social media investigations.

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