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As process serving professionals, our private investigators know their role in the legal system. We work in every county nationwide. We live and breathe the laws, both local and federal, so we know how not to break them. We know how to deliver you valid written proof of service, good in court to establish the defendant or witness received the papers.

If you wanted to serve someone, where would you start? What if your hard-to-find individual left no trace behind? If it’s your case, you CAN’T serve the papers yourself. Maybe the business you’re looking for is in a secure building. We know the legal ways around those issues. We can serve just about anyone, anywhere. We have databases, so when we search for a defendant, we know who we are looking for and where to look. Our resources are formidable, and we know how to outwit even the most slippery people. And we will do it without trespassing.

Woman shocked at summons. ICU Investigations. Process serving.

The rules for process serving are there for a reason. The rules are an unavoidable part of the legal process. As licensed professionals, we abide by those laws professionally and rigorously.

Court summons being handed over. Private investigator near me. Process serving.

There’s more to serving legal papers than meets the eye. More than you see on TV and in the movies. There’s a particular protocol everyone has to follow to abide by state and federal law.

Process service is the delivering of legal papers to a specific business or a person. The service gives formal notice that a case is pending, or a subpoena commands a witness to appear in court or at a deposition. We have to follow the particular rules that leave no doubt the person or organization received the documents. Some documents have to be personally served — delivered to that specific person, not a housemate or co-worker. No one else can take or accept in that person’s name. For a business, that means serving the appointed agent.

We know how to do this; we’ve been doing this work for 30 years. After we serve a particular individual, we will note the time, date, and location of the service, making the facts admissible in court. One single mistake can lead to a dismissal, so why risk it? Better to play it safe, and hire a professional.

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