Litigation support investigations, also known as litigation support services, are complex, in depth, and intricate, and may take a great deal time and manpower to complete. What are the repercussions of not using litigation support investigations? Lack of action may result in loss of revenue, business interruption and complete loss of the business.

Our group of specialists will provide litigation support services that are appropriate, needed or desirable when your organization seeks to:

Locate information which will be helpful to your legal team.

Retrieve information on companies and individuals through public records.

Verify the physical locations of any type of property and its ownership.

Identify known and unknown business affiliations.

Develop the whereabouts of potential witnesses.

Interview the potential witnesses.

Verify expert witness credentials.

Discern relevant financial status.

Access nationwide data sources that may challenge stated truths.

Dismantle information and embellishments provided in depositions.

Utilize Photography/Videography when needed.

Research social media sites to obtain available information.

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