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Litigation support services are complex, intricate investigations that improve success in the courtroom. ICU Investigations' highly trained and experienced litigation support analysts are a powerful legal resource when documenting a case's facts. We work directly with legal counsel and focus our investigation at their direction, ensuring a client receives the best possible representation.

Attorneys work diligently to represent their clients, but no one can perform all the research and fact-gathering each case requires, and ICU Investigations' supplements their efforts through our litigation support services. We ensure all avenues of a client's case are investigated thoroughly, gathering and analyzing all evidence, information, interviews, documentation, and connections required by legal counsel.


Our private investigators provide litigation support services that include:

•    Identifying known and unknown business affiliations.
•    Locating and interviewing potential witnesses.
•    Verification of expert witness credentials.
•    Analyze and dismantle embellished information provided in depositions.
•    Locating information at the direction of your legal counsel.
•    Conducting thorough record searches
•    Verification of property and its ownership.
•    Discerning financial status'.
•    Access nationwide data sources that may challenge stated truths.
•    Utilize surveillance photography and videography techniques when required.

Lawyer working. Private investigator near me. ICU Investigations.

ICU Investigations has the resources and training to support your case or legal office. Contact us to learn more!

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