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Folders of insurance fraud cases. ICU Investigations. Private investigator near me.

Insurance fraud is a crime where one party deliberately deceives or misleads another through falsifying or exaggerating the facts of an accident to unjustly obtain property or services. ICU Investigations' investigates suspicious claims and determines whether a claimant has faked or exaggerated an injury, unreported income, secondary employment, and/or multiple claims under other identities.

ICU Investigations provides a wide range of services for regional carriers, insurance groups, agents, and reinsurance companies.  From surveillance to background checks, we use innovative investigative techniques to ensure successful completion of any assignment, and provide our clients with comprehensive, detailed reports that show our findings.


Our trained private investigators specialize in the detection of insurance fraud, and examine every facet of a claimant's activities, including:

•    Any full or part-time employment held since the date of loss
•    Household income
•    Health status
•    Civil or criminal litigations
•    Any recreational or strenuous activities in or around the home. 
•    Prior workers compensation claims
•    Social media activity showing recreational or strenuous activities

Paper with Insurance Fraud written in bold. Private investigator near me.

Detection and prevention of insurance fraud is ICU Investigations' specialty. Contact us today to learn how we can aid you or your organization!

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