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ICU Investigation's provides governmental agencies and local healthcare institutions with a quick, efficient response team when tracking an individual infected with Covid-19 potential contacts. Within 24 hours, our Covid-19 Contact Tracing program develops an in-depth profile that shows probable contact and transmission links by working with institutions to augment their in-house contact tracing professionals or through a team of ICU Investigation trackers dedicated to an individualized case.

Covid-19 contact tracing. ICU Investigations. Private Investigator near me.


24/7 Open-Source Intelligence (Online) Investigation Teams

Ensure your contact tracers have the necessary information to perform. With ICU Investigation's contact tracing team, your organization leverages the power of an experienced, remote operated, open-sourced intelligence team, by performing urgent online analyses, 24/7. We enable your team to spend more time on the phone and less on research.


ICU Investigation's team develops a contact tracing profile through our network of open-sourced intelligence data, and our researchers have over fifteen years' experience analyzing and organizing material collected from publicly available sources while under pressure.

ICU Investigations contact tracing program. Private Investigator.

Our team of private investigators aids your contact tracing efforts or provides your team with required information. Service examples of our program include:

  • Missing phone numbers for patients who tested positive for Covid-19

  • Phone numbers for contacts of an individual infected with Covid-19 when not provided by the patient

  • Identifying places infected patients visited, including places of business, churches, nearby relatives, etc., and developing a profile that includes each location's contact information.

  • Developing a contact list for an infected patient who cannot be reached, or chooses not to participate in contact tracing efforts

  • Outreach and communication with contacts by text message

ICU Investigations provides this service in a manner that best supports an organization's needs by working cooperatively – we're open to suggestions or the specific needs of each individual client. We work with any organization's existing programs, creating an efficient network capable of developing contact tracing profiles within twenty-four hours of notification.

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