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Mobile devices are an extension of ourselves. Unlike a desktop PC or laptop, our cell phones go wherever we do. They contain our personal information, financial data, and travel histories. They're an integral part of our daily lives, and often know more than their owners realize. Smart watches and cell phones play a critical role when building a case, but collecting the digital evidence isn't a simple process.

Emails, documents, and deleted information may be stored in unexpected locations, or appear lost when a device is damaged. Whether it's images, travel or search histories, or raw data, ICU Investigations' digital forensics team can retrieve lost or hidden information caches from a variety of sources, including file and mail servers, workstations, cell phones, tablets, CD-ROMs, USB devices, as well as analog tape and archiving systems.

Our certified forensic staff can assemble a thorough story from electronic devices:

Geographic location of cell tower(s) that transmitted information, e.g. call, text message, or web browsing
Mobile device travel history
Voice call analysis, showing the call's format (land line or mobile), number dialed, and whether incoming or outgoing
Browsing history
Calendar information
Data recovery and analysis
Recover images, videos, or recorded audio

Cell phone code. ICU Investigations. Private investigator near me.

ICU Investigations' private investigators brings over thirty years experience and technical expertise to your case. We ask the right questions, and show you how collecting digital evidence is a crucial part of modern case building.

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