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On September 10th, 2014, New Jersey legislators reformed alimony law, allowing the states' courts to decrease, or eliminate, alimony payments when an ex-spouse is cohabitating with another individual or acting as a family unit with another partner. In order to file for a decrease or elimination of alimony payments, however, court-admissible evidence is required.

Please note, a couple does NOT have to live together on a full-time basis for a relationship to be classified as cohabitation.

Cash, wedding ring, divorce paperwork. Private investigator near me.

This is where ICU Investigations comes in. Our private investigators help build your case by collecting the evidence that has the potential to alter your alimony agreements. Courts determine the viability of alimony based on select criteria, and ICU Investigations specializes in identifying and documenting the evidence your case may need, such as:

  • Joint finances, such as bank accounts, utilities, etc.

  • Shared responsibility of living expenses.

  • Determination of a couple’s relationship status with their families/friends.

  • Identifying if the couple is in fact living together, how often they are in contact with one another, how long has their relationship been ongoing, etc.

  • Shared responsibility of household upkeep, such as chores, errands, etc.

  • Determination if the ex-spouse is receiving support or compensation from another individual.

  • And more!

Cash, wedding ring, divorce paperwork. Private investigator near me.

ICU Investigations utilizes a variety of investigative techniques to determine whether an ex-spouse's relationship or living situation meets with legal criteria, including, but not limited to, investigative proprietary databases, a series of continuous surveillance efforts, photographic documentation, background and social media investigations, asset investigations, utilities searches. Once collected, we compile this data into a comprehensive investigative report that includes gathered video footage, documentation, or photographic evidence, which shows how the evidence relates to a court's determining criteria.

Cohabitation laws vary by state. To learn how we can help your case, contact ICU Investigations to discuss your state laws and proper procedures. We tailor each investigation according to your requirements, and as always, consultations are FREE, discreet, and completely confidential.


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