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Developing suspicions about a spouse or significant other's infidelity an emotional and unwanted experience. At ICU Investigations, we uncover the truth discreetly, protecting your safety and confidentiality while investigating your partner with advanced surveillance techniques and state of the art technology.


When you have questions, our private investigators provide objective facts and peace of mind.

Oftentimes, a cheating spouse makes small, odd changes that raise suspicions, and a few noteworthy behaviors include:


  • Sudden changes in appearance, new wardrobe choices, and an unusual effort to leave home looking their best.

  • Reduced interest in intimacy.

  • Strange abundance of overtime at work, such as later evenings or unusual business trips.

  • A significant increase time spent out of the house with "friends."

  • Unusually attentive to their phone, alongside a sudden increase in how often, and how long, they spend using the device.

  • A new guardedness with their phone, turning it off suddenly, adding new security, such as facial or fingerprint recognition, or unexplained password changes.

  • Coded text messages.

  • Unexplained expenditures, charges for dinners at unfamiliar restaurants or jewelry purchases. 

Man holding hands with a woman behind the back of his partner. West Berlin. Cheating spouse.

This is a short list of behavioral changes often found when investigating an unfaithful spouse, or a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend, however, you know your spouse or significant other best. No one notices these changes the way a partner does, and ICU Investigations works with you to design a tailored strategy that best fits your needs. Our staff puts you first, using the best services for your case, whether it's cell phone forensics, surveillance, or combination of tactics, we build our approach to learn the answers you need within your budget. 

You should never feel guilty for protecting your family, yourself, or your peace of mind, and our consultations, in-person or via phone, are always free.

Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.


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