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One of our most in-depth reports is our Background Investigation. Our clients will be able to get detailed personal information for an individual. This report will provide if an individual is utilizing different names, dates of birth or social security numbers. We also investigate into their address history as well as property ownership details. If available, mortgage details will also be provided for any properties that the individual is listed as the current owner.


Have questions about previous lawsuits or how much debt someone has? We search for any statewide or federal ligation filings include liens and judgments as well as bankruptcy and UCC filings.

Our private investigators utilize multiple proprietary databases utilizing an individual’s personal information and sort through several filings to identify the results associated with the person in question.

Need to know someone’s employment status? We can investigate that! Utilizing several investigative measures, we can attempt to uncover if they are currently employed or the last documented employer they have on file. Maybe they own a business! We can confirm current business statuses.

Do you have suspicions that an individual has a criminal record but not sure when or where the incident occurred? Our proprietary databases may provide us with a preliminary criminal or traffic record associated with an individual. We then obtain official criminal records from individual states, per availability.


Our report includes an official criminal record from the state that the individual currently resides in. If interested in additional states, we can also submit requests to any states a client believes is of interest.

Social media is a great way to understand who a person may be. That’s why we offer a complete social media and internet search in our background reports.


We navigate through several major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok for an individual, as well as family members. Social media allows us to see what an individual may be doing in their lives. A picture is worth a thousand words and individuals will post photographs of themselves, their family, friends, pets, events or even vacations on all of their social media platforms.

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We will capture these photographs and provide them in our report. In addition to the photographs, if an individual posted on their timeline or tweet thread, we will capture any visible information from their accounts. To further investigate, we will navigate through several websites with any mention of an individual’s name and will provide those details as well.

So, if you have any concerns or questions about an individual, a Background Investigation is our clients’ best option to fully understand their subjects. We are here to assist you! Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.


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