Need assistance with determining if an individual is the owner of properties in the United States? How about if they are currently employed or earning an income? Our Basic Asset Investigation will provide our clients with some answers to these questions.

This report will provide our clients with a personal profile of an individual to include associated names, dates of birth, social security numbers, possible current employment information and an address history.


Our goal and focus are to determine if an individual has any assets.

To determine property ownership information, we will navigate through multiple investigative proprietary databases as well as contact county tax assessor offices. This will assist us in developing and confirming any current property ownership information. If available, we will also develop and provided mortgage details for the property the individual may currently own.

To determine possible employment information, we will continue to utilize our proprietary databases to uncover last documented employment information. We may also identify if an individual is the owner of any businesses/corporations. We will confirm that businesses and/or corporation are active or inactive within the state which they were filed.

In addition to searching through our databases, we will conduct a social media and internet search, which is included in this report.


With conducting this search, it will assist us in attempting to develop and confirm further details regarding an individual’s current employment information.

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For example, an individual may have a LinkedIn account, with a posted resume or a listed employment which could determine when an individual started working and the location of their employer.


We may also come across an profile or an additional Facebook or Instagram accounts, indicating an individual has their own business selling products/items. Also, your subject may list items for sale on the Facebook Marketplace or other websites such as and


These websites may indicate a source of income for an individual.

If you are interested in uncovering an individual’s assets, we are here to help you! Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

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