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ICU Investigations' private investigators locate hard to find assets.

Asset search and discovery is a highly specialized type of investigation, demanding extensive experience, access, and resources. Every case is unique and must be approached as such. Whether you need to determine if an individual owns real property in the United States, is currently employed, or generating an obscured income, our asset investigation package provides answers.


ICU Investigations locates assets anywhere in the United States, for the purpose of state or federal civil judgment enforcement, including:

Financial documents and magnifying glass. Asset Investigations. Private investigator near me.

•    Hidden assets
•    Estates and inheritances
•    Income
•    Employment
•    Alimony determination or reduction
•    Property Ownership/Residential and Commercial Real        Estate/Deeds
•    Mortgage Information
•    Tax Assessor Records
•    Due diligence prior to entering new business or                  investment relationships and partnerships
•    Corporate and Business Affiliations

•    Intellectual Property
•    Trusts/Family/Spouse
•    Liens and Judgments
•    Bankruptcies
•    Federal Civil Litigation Records
•    Statewide Civil Litigation Records
•    UCC Filings
•    Motor vehicle ownership to include recreational vehicles          such as boats, ATVs, aircraft, etc.
•    Professional licenses
•    AKAs

Court gavel over pile of cash. ICU Investigations. Private investigator near me.

This package builds a multi-section report. Part one summarizes an individual's personal information, including associated names, date(s) of birth, social security number(s), possible current employment information, and an in-depth address history. Part two analyzes a subject's property ownership information, drawn from ICU Investigation's proprietary databases and relevant county tax assessor offices. If available, we also develop mortgage details for any real property associated with the individual.

Part three explores a subject's possible employment, and includes whether an individual owns a business or corporation, and confirms whether the developed entity is operational within the filing state. Part four includes an exhaustive social media analysis, showing whether evidence of commercial activity by the subject exists online, e.g. an Etsy, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace store.

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