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Car crash in rain. Private investigator near me.

ICU Investigations' forensic accident scene photography service builds a complete profile for commercial or private use. We develop a full picture of where an incident occurred, who was involved, the sequence of events, and a detailed description of the location. This includes traveling to the accident site, capturing relevant images, and gathering all data pertaining to the case.

For example, if a vehicular accident occurred at an intersection, ICU Investigations' field investigators record roadway dimensions as well as angles of approach and impact. If a pedestrian was involved, our report includes relevant signage, e.g. crosswalks and signs, or elements that may have obstructed the view of the driver or pedestrian. We apply the same process when investigating personal injury or liability claims involving a business where a subject was injured on premises, e.g. slip and fall, wet floor, etc., travelling to the site and capturing all relevant photographs while recording the relevant information.

Whether your needs are commercial or private, ICU Investigations documents accidents or injury incidents throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. If you are interested in securing photographs and evidence pertaining to an incident, we’re here to help! Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations.

Man slipping and falling at work. ICU Investigations. Private investigator near me.
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