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  • Dean Smith

Why Women Cheat: 10 Common Reasons

​Dr. Debra Laino of ShaveMagazine highlights 10 common reasons that women cheat (#1 being the most common):

1. “Not having her needs met emotionally. This is the most common reason women give. This means, for whatever reason, feeling undervalued, unappreciated, disrespected and generally disconnected. Affection and communication are two of the biggest areas where men can leave women feeling unfulfilled emotionally.”2. “Resentment. Anger and frustration that women may harbor towards their significant other can create feelings of isolation and loneliness. After a prolonged period, some of these women start to seek companionship elsewhere.”3. “Because they can. Many women are disproportionately exposed to men than women in the workplace, as a direct consequence, many have more options and chances to cheat. Like many people, some women just do it because the opportunity struck. Right or wrong were never factored in. This is probably one of the worst reasons given, but true.”4. “Because they are longing for better sex. Plenty of cheating women are so unsatisfied with their sexual relationship that they eventually seek fulfillment elsewhere.”5. “Revenge. Plenty of cheating women see their actions as a form of justice against a partner who has wronged them in some way.”6. “When there seems to be too much ‘baggage’ in the relationship. A woman will only take so much. Unfortunately in the beginning of a relationship a woman can take more because her hormones are surging. Once the honeymoon phase wears off the baggage better wear off as well, otherwise she may start looking at her options. Baggage can be Ex’s, out of control kids, overbearing family members, intrusive friends, etc.”7. “Boredom. Bored women may seek an escape from the mundane. Cheating may be viewed as a way to add some excitement into her life. The thrill of doing something wrong or of potentially getting caught.”8. “Feeling unattractive to her partner. If another guy comes along and starts telling her how beautiful she is and how special she is, she may start to feel better around him than she feels around her partner. This is especially dangerous because those feelings will cause her to develop an attachment to the other man.”9. “Low self-esteem. In general sex is a drug; it makes us feel good. It also makes many of us feel desirable which gives us a false sense of self-esteem. Plenty of women will seek out sex, and lots of it, from many partners as a form of validation. This sense of worth and value is short lived and thus these women are caught continually seeking it out.”10. “Some women cheat as sort of an exit strategy. She doesn’t want to break up with you verbally so behaviorally she goes out and cheats on you so you break up with her. It’s a coward’s way out but, in her eyes, it’s a way out nonetheless.”Suspicious? GET ANSWERS TODAY with ICU Investigations!Source​

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