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  • Dean Smith

Why the ICU Staff Considers LinkedIn a Best Kept Secret

If a claimant has a LinkedIn profile, it’s obviously a fairly easy avenue to develop employment information. LinkedIn’s social platform is meant to connect professionals to one another, whether by industry, geographical area, company, among other criteria. LinkedIn also allows job postings, and attracts many professionals who are looking for work. And for that reason, many users choose to leave their profiles public in hopes of attracting more traffic by potential employers and creating connections (side note: you don’t have to be logged in to LinkedIn to see a public profile). But employment is not the only piece of information to be discovered through this social platform. Take a look at the example below:

Without even being logged in, we just found out where he works, where he interned, a general area where he may live, most of his previous jobs, where he went to college, the type of degree, and that his interests include staying active (possibly working out) with soccer, sports, etc.

Now, we are able to take all of this information, use it to develop the rest of his social media accounts, and run with it. It is people like this individual that make our jobs a tiny bit easier; the people who are willing to share their entire lives with the rest of the world.

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