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  • Dean Smith

Who is Most Likely to Cheat: Brunettes, Blondes, Red Heads?

According to PI Newswire, conducted a new study to determine cheating statistics according to hair color. The study collected online postings submitted by users of, which is a social site designed for victims of infidelity to report their cheating significant other, and these were the findings:

40% of males posted as alleged cheaters have brown hair. Black haired men came in second with 32%, blonde haired men in third with 20%, and red haired men in fourth with 5%.

42% of females posted as alleged cheaters have blonde hair (making them the number one cheaters out of both sexes). Red haired women came in second with 23%, brown haired women in third with 20%, and black haired women came in last with 11%.

Majority (43%) of all victims (male and female) that posted on specified their locks were brown.

4.8% of victims that were women specified that their male signification other has asked them to change their hair color at one point.

Ultimately, out of both sexes, this study shows that blonde females are most likely to cheat on their significant others, and you could determine whether a partner is more likely to cheat, or if you may have a higher chance of being cheated on.

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