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What You Don’t Know, CAN Hurt You

The staff at ICU Investigations performs background investigations for a multitude of trades, including the insurance industry, legal industry, law enforcement, even personal matters. Regardless of the industry, the reasons for conducting such an in-depth report vary greatly.

For the insurance/legal/law enforcement industries, a background check is helpful in finding the following information:

  1. Assets

  2. Lifestyle

  3. Social Networking Activity

  4. Social Security Numbers

  5. AKA’s

  6. Employment

  7. Professional Licenses

  8. UCC Filings

  9. Corporate Affiliations

  10. Criminal History

  11. Medical History

  12. Prior Claim

  13. Address History

  14. Spousal/Relative Names

  15. Suits

  16. Judgments

  17. Bankruptcies

  18. Liens

  19. Debts

  20. …and more!

ICU Investigations also provides criminal background checks, sex offender searches, license verifications, education verifications, employment verifications, and many more services that give businesses all the tools and information needed to successfully screen all potential new hires.

ICU’s Pre-Employment Screening helps businesses by:

  1. Supplying the most current and accurate results

  2. Faster turnover rates while providing information needed to hire the most skilled and qualified candidates

  3. Reducing risk to reputation associated with employee misconduct

  4. Quickly identify at-risk hiring decisions

Lastly, personal background checks, often used in dating and prenuptial situations, uncover information about a person’s character and past. They are also used for domestic help screening such as nannies, housekeepers, and personal assistants. Personal background checks offer you peace of mind when making decisions about the future.

There are a variety of reasons for conducting personal background searches on individuals. These include:

  1. When Accepting New Tenants: Landlords and apartment rental companies will often perform civil and criminal background searches of individuals or businesses before accepting a new tenant in order to protect their property, fellow tenants, and their financial interests.

  2. Before Trusting Child Care Workers, Maids, & Nanny’s: Before welcoming strangers into your home or trusting strangers to provide care for your children, many individuals will perform a background search. This will reveal any dishonesty or undesirable information that the person may have tried to hide. In this way, civil and criminal background searches can protect you and your loved ones from harm.

  3. When Starting a New Relationship: With the increasing rates of divorce and the changing circumstances of how individuals meet, individuals often choose to perform background searches on their significant other before taking the next step in a relationship to become more serious, move in together, or get married. A civil and criminal background investigation can reveal a person’s honesty and uncover any information they may have tried to keep hidden.

  4. During a Due Diligence Process: When buying a business or investing in a business, a thorough background search of the individuals or companies involved is an important way to protect investors.

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