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  • Dean Smith

What Do Insurance Fraud Investigators Actually Do?

Insurance fraud investigators, as you all know, are typically hired by the insurance, law, and business industries to investigate fraudulent claims (duh). But what do we actually do? We thought you’d never ask!

See a general outline of the progression of a typical insurance fraud surveillance investigation below:

· Case Intake

· Review

· Pre-Surveillance Work Up, Data/Social Media and Internet Presence

· Surveillance

· Report Compilation, Video Review, and Recommendations

· Trial/Testify

Although this outline is broad, keep in mind the varying subject matter, wide range of injuries, some cases settle and never make it to trial, etc. Each investigation received is meticulously researched, planned, and executed by our investigative team to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations in a results-driven atmosphere.

Suspicious? Get answers TODAY with ICU Investigations!

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