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What Constitutes Cheating According to Women?

A survey of 100 women paints the picture of the different definitions of cheating between male and female according to For example, 74% of men from an survey say that cheating starts with a kiss. That couldn’t be farther from the truth in the eyes of your girlfriend or wife.

What Women Consider to Be Cheating:

Confiding in another woman – Emotional connections, to some women, can be worse than any form of physical connection. Tina, 34, says “If he allows himself to connect with another woman, if he talks to her comfortably about the things that we should be sharing with each other, if he makes that kind of connection, then that’s more hurtful to me than if he has one night of torrid sex with an anonymous woman he meets.”

36% of women agree.

Dirty Dancing – Grinding against another woman on the dance floor can be detrimental to your relationship. According to Alicia, 27, “When I dance with my guy, it’s like we’re virtually having sex. So if he does that with someone else, he obviously desires her the way he desires me, and that’s unacceptable.”

41% of women agree.

Take Flirting too Far – Where do we draw the line? Playing around with a friend is obviously not cause for alarm. But if you are consistently, privately and explicitly holding a sexual conversation with another woman, you are crossing the line. According to Jennifer, 39, “if he’s flirting with the intent of eventually getting a piece of action, then it’s over.”

35% of women agree.

Private Show – Strip clubs, in general, strike a cord with some women, and that’s when their man simply steps through the front door. But surprisingly enough, strip clubs start to become an issue the second a man decides to pay to touch a stripper or get a private dance. “Logically speaking, he might as well go to a whore, because at least then he can get his rocks off. But I digress,” states Helen, 23. “I think that if a guy has to go to a strip joint to touch a pair of breasts, then there’s a problem within the relationship. It’s cheating, no doubt,” she continues.

79% of women agree.

Cyber Sex – Talking sex to another woman over the internet is bad enough, but when it escalates to include masturbation, the line has been crossed. Tammy, 34, would be hurt “if I discovered that my guy was yanking away to other chicks on the internet. I pride myself on making sure my husband is sexually satisfied, so first, I’d ask him why, and if the answer is complete crap, I’d leave him.”

80% of women agree.

Doing the Deed – We don’t need to explain the obvious. Any form of sexual contact is cheating.

100% of women agree.

Opinions may vary, but to stay within a safe zone, think about how you would feel if your partner was engaging in any of these activities and vice versa. ICU Investigations follows the investigation wherever it may lead. If you suspect cheating in your relationship, contact us to get answers.

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