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  • Dean Smith

What are the Signs a Woman is About to Cheat?

Huffington Post Divorce posted an article written by Sasha Brown-Worsham on CafeMom’s blog, The Stir, in which they conducted a survey asking women, “What are the signs that you are about to cheat?” What was it that made straying from their marriages an attractive idea?Here are the five answers compiled in the survey of women who cheated on their spouse:1. Sex life on the decline: According to Huffington Post, “A lot of the women said that between the stress of raising children and the stress of working, they were having sex less and less. Eventually, some guy caught their eye and boom! They were the cliched housewife sleeping with their personal trainers.”2. You’ve only had sex with…him: An anonymous source answered with, “I was 24 when I got married to my husband just out of college. I never slept with anyone but him.” She thought maybe there was something else out there; she was curious. Brown-Worsham says, “This led to her being curious, and curiosity… well, it sometimes kills cats and other times it leads to affairs.”3. Lack in compliments: Sometimes, you just need to feel appreciated for all of the things that you do. When you’ve been in a monogamous relationship for some time, the compliments decrease and you’re left feeling like you need more.4. Revenge affair: Women could seek a revenge affair because their spouse cheated, or because they feel betrayed in other ways, such as one source whose, “husband was a gambler who left them in financial ruin.”5. Just plain neglect: Busy, busy, busy. Everyone has responsibilities to care of at work, home, school, etc. After a while, we feel like it has been months, even years since we’ve gotten some attention. And another man might give her that attention she craves. Source

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