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Ways to Protect your Child’s Identity and Prevent Child Identity Theft

Not only to we have to worry about identity theft as adults, but we also have to worry about our children becoming victims of identity theft. According to an article on, child identity theft is increasing, and many victims are unaware until they’re of age to get a job, open a bank account, or apply for a credit card.

Refer to the list highlighting what to look out for below:

  • Data breaches. Although this is entirely out of our control, it can happen in schools, medical facilities, insurance companies, etc.

  • Self-compromise. It is possible to provide information about children without realizing, whether through scams via email, mail, or telephone, or posting personal information on social media.

  • Use licensed professionals. When it comes to having to share sensitive information regarding you and your family, such as for tax purposes, be sure you are using licensed, trustworthy professionals.

  • Store personal documents in a safe place. Do not leave personal information accessible to people in your home.

  • Check and freeze credit. You are able to run your child’s credit report and freeze their credit if they are under the age of 16. Yes, even babies. And it’s free!

  • Be proactive and check periodically!

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