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  • Dean Smith

Want to Catch your Spouse Cheating? Check this Day and Time…

According to Huffington Post Divorce,, the site made specifically for those seeking extramarital affairs, conducted a survey last month revealing the time and day you’re most likely to catch a cheating spouse.

172,000 of AshleyMadison’s users were polled to determine the day and time they were most likely to cheat. 18% of the users responded with Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm, making this time frame the most consistent.

Huffington Post Divorce writes, “You can add this little nugget of cheating trivia to the wealth of knowledge AshleyMadison has already released about its user base, from the city with the highest concentration of mistresses (New York City) to the cheaters’ favorite affair anthem (R. Kelly’s ‘Down Low (Nobody Has to Know),’ naturally.”

The safest way to confirm your suspicions is to employ the help of a licensed, private investigator.

Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU Investigations.

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