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Urgent Care Centers and Their Role in Hospital and Radiology Canvasses

Hospital and radiology canvasses develop a claimant’s undisclosed prior medical treatment. With urgent care facilities making a large impact on the healthcare industry over the past few years, ICU Investigations has incorporated the centers in our hospital and radiology canvasses, in conjunction with in-patient and out-patient admissions, emergency room visits, as well as radiology facility visits to include x-rays, MRIs, and CT-scans with much success. Urgent care facilities serve patients unable to wait for an appointment at their primary care physician, but are not necessarily ill and/or injured enough to make an emergency room visit. Here’s a list of conditions that standard urgent care facilities have the capability to treat:

Injuries to include, but not limited to, breaks/fractures, sprains, strains, cuts/lacerations, minor burns, rashes, etc.


General wellness visits

In addition to diagnosing and treating the above listed conditions, many standard urgent cares also provide on-site labs, x-rays, and prescription drugs. To better serve our clients, ICU Investigations includes urgent care facilities in our hospital and radiology canvasses at no additional cost. We certainly do not replace hospitals and radiology facilities in our canvasses; we use urgent care facilities to supplement them! If the injury was not severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, the next step for fast relief is an urgent care facility, which is a staple in one of ICU Investigations’ most result-driven services. Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY!

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