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Uncertainty Surrounding Fall: Time is of the Essence

There is so much unknown surrounding the upcoming fall season, Coronavirus surges, schools reopening or not reopening, additional businesses reopening or not reopening, etc. We can not tell you what the future holds. But we can tell you to take advantage of the summer while it lasts.

In a previous article, we highlighted the importance of utilizing Internet Profile Reports and surveillance during the spring and summer months to document the abundance of activity that typically comes along with this active time of year, in addition to lifting of stay-at-home orders. With the summer coming to an end, we strongly suggest documenting what is left of it. Not only that, but the change of seasons from summer to fall also welcomes new activity, and with people working and getting an education remotely, we anticipate some great activity!


  • Preparations for fall vacations, camping trips, etc.

  • Heavy packing

  • Lifting, carrying, and loading hefty luggage in/out of a vehicle and to/from home

  • Walking/biking/jogging

Sadly, we don’t know about events or the future of the football season.

The change of seasons also brings activity to include packing away spring and summer preparations or renovations to claimants’ homes.


  • Cleaning

  • Packing away summer furniture/equipment

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn/shrub/tree trimming and care

  • Closing and winterizing pools and spas

  • Maintaining/winterizing recreational vehicles such as boats, wave runners, jet skis, ATVs, as well as spring/summer landscaping/lawn equipment

Finish the summer strong and prepare for the change of seasons with ICU Investigations.

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