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  • Dean Smith

The New Age’s Avenues of Cheating

In our last article, “What you Don’t Know About Cheating,”

we briefly touched on the topic of the effortlessness of infidelity and how easy it can be facilitated with today’s technology. Now, thanks to an article on Huffington Post Divorce by Natalie Gregg, a family lawyer, we have highlighted below the easy streets and outlets of infidelity, and elaborated from a private investigator’s perspective.

Email/Texting: Setting up a rendezvous with your lover on the side can be generated without difficulty and within seconds using an email account or by sending a text message. Cheaters often think they can cover their tracks and erase the evidence by simply deleting the email or text in question. What the cheaters don’t know is that nothing is ever truly deleted. ICU Investigations can uncover this data utilizing computer and cell phone forensic techniques. Same concept rings true for the internet, which brings us to…

Facebook and Other Social Media Outlets: We helplessly let the world in on every little detail of our everyday lives on Facebook and Twitter. We also believe that our “private” profiles remain private, and cannot be used against us because we agreed to the “privacy policy.” Well, if we actually READ the privacy policy on ANY of the websites that we so helplessly post on for the world to see, we would know that Facebook, Twitter, etc. are public entities and that you are willingly surrendering all privacy upon posting a status, tweet, photo, etc. With that being said, the metadata that is released can reveal a whole ton of information, like the time and your location, and can be uncovered even after being deleted. Anything you post on the internet is public, meaning it can be found, and used against you in the court of law after the records have been subpoenaed, which is becoming a growing trend in divorce cases. I’d think again before using your Facebook account to send a message to your lover to meet you at the Holiday Inn on your lunch break at 1:15pm, because ICU Investigations can find it, and most likely canvass the area to find the closest Holiday Inn and establish a flawless surveillance position.

Craigslist/Backpage: Maybe the cheater is looking for a completely random experience with a completely random person. If so, a good place to start would be Craigslist or, where one can place a personal ad in minutes. Some even go as far to post pictures of themselves (if you’re smart, you leave out your face). Aside from sifting through the crude and unusual requests, zeroing in on a specific area aids in the search. Strike up a conversation and express interest. If a (real) name is revealed, they are caught red-handed. While the idea of this website, committed married people seeking a secret affair with another committed married person, is insanely and morally wrong, canvassing this site gives us another avenue and opportunity to find your cheating spouse.

Technology will keep changing, and ICU Investigations will continuously adapt and address every avenue, even if just to find a lead. If conversations are not enough proof, and you want to physically catch your cheating spouse, the best avenue to take is surveillance. By hiring ICU Investigations, we get the proof you need without putting yourself in harm’s way. Contact ICU Investigations toll-free, (800) 524-9755 today for your free consultation.


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