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The Holiday Season: Prime Time for IPRs and Surveillance Efforts

Year after year, we take some time to remind our clients that the Holiday Season, spanning from November to about mid-January and beyond, is a crucial time to document claimant activities with IPRs and surveillance before they settle in for the winter and hibernate. If they’re doing it, chances are they’re posting about it, too! Keep in mind the level of activity! The possibilities are endless:

  • Raking leaves/leaf removal

  • Traveling/preparations for traveling

  • Shopping, shopping, and MORE SHOPPING!

  • Family gatherings and parties/excessive alcohol

  • Sporting events such as football and hockey

  • Lifting heavy boxes/bags

  • Renovating homes

  • Decorating for the holidays/hanging lights and other decorations

  • Chopping down Christmas trees/loading Christmas trees onto vehicles

  • Utilizing ladders

  • Putting children on shoulders for holiday parades

  • Skiing/sledding/snowboarding/tubing activities

  • Winter sports

  • Winterizing machinery

  • Shoveling/salting walkways, driveways, and sidewalks

  • Operating heavy snow machinery

  • And so much more!

Let’s also not forget…what goes up must come down! After the New Year, all of those beautiful, festive decorations have to come back down and get packed away until next year! There is no better time to witness and document insurance fraud at its worst.

Contact ICU Investigations TODAY to schedule your IPRs and surveillance efforts for the holiday season!

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