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  • Dean Smith

The Cheating Spouse

Catching a cheating spouse or “significant other” requires the skills of a private investigator. Cheaters and those involved in infidelity expend a great deal of energy keeping their affair hidden. To make things more difficult, the motto of any cheating spouse is “deny, deny, deny!”

First one has to be aware of the signs of infidelity and determine which ones apply to your situation. (Check out our page on The 30 Signs of infidelity) Second, you need to analyze the opportunities for being unfaithful. Third, you need to consult with an experienced private investigator to devise the most efficient strategy to catch the cheater in the act. Lastly, you need to assist the investigator in executing the plan to obtain the evidence.

All this can sound like basic advice, however catching someone in a lie and proving it can be challenging. In many cases the cheating person, (husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc.) has been lying about the affair for months or years. You may have gotten to the point where you are questioning your own sanity about whether you are imaging it or not. Partnering with a professional investigator can bring objectivity and sanity to the process of solving your problem and ultimately give you Peace of Mind.

How do you go about getting started? Call ICU Investigation for a free consultation concerning your specific situation. We work with you to devise the best strategy for success. Our toll free line for your Free Discreet Confidential Consultation is (800) 524-9755. Or you can e-mail us at

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