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  • Dean Smith

The Art of Adapting to Counter-Surveillance Forces

Anything and everything that could possibly get in the way of surveillance efforts can and will most likely happen. Luckily, investigators at ICU spend ample time profiling the subject, neighborhood and surrounding areas, as well as preparing and planning to adapt when the occasion arises.With claimants more aware of the consequences and detriment surveillance can have on their cases, we know it’s best not to jump in, guns blazing (not literally). The best approach is to ease slowly into the case and allow sufficient time to get accustomed to the claimant’s habits and daily activities. Once comfortable and aware of our surroundings, we can get increasingly aggressive in our efforts.In some cases, it is better to rotate the vehicle used during surveillance by either switching cars or utilizing multiple investigators in the event that one is discovered.If we’ve learned anything about people during surveillance, it’s that they’re extremely nosy and they think everything is about them. Neighbors and other forces get in the way quite often, whether by taking matters into their own hands and knocking on our car windows or even by calling the police (which then infinitely draws more attention and compromises the surveillance vehicle). Sometimes, no matter the techniques we’ve learned over the years, something (or most likely, someone) will get in the way. However, our seasoned investigators learn to adapt to their surroundings. We anticipate these things happening, and this is why we have a proven success rate for over 18 years throughout the Tri-State area.But the best way we can describe adapting to these counter-surveillance forces is quoted in an article by Steve Koenig of Pursuit Magazine. Koenig says, “Visualize how you might look from the other side looking out on your surveillance vehicle. Successful surveillance operatives have vehicles, clothing and skills that allow them to blend into their surroundings. The trick is NOT to be tricky. The trick is NOT to be invisible. The trick is to be unremarkable.”Source

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