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The 2018 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame Inductees

Year after year, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud blesses us with the newest Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame inductees, the worst of the worst in insurance fraud scams, to help bring awareness to the detriment that insurance fraud has on not only all of our pockets at $80 BILLION per year, but to demonstrate that these crimes are not victimless. We are thankful, because we enjoy sharing them with you!

Here are the 9 newest inductees for 2018 according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and Insurance Journal:

1. “Burning Desire”

Thu Hong Nguyen set her nail salon in Kansas City, MO on fire to collect the insurance money. However, tragedy struck when two of the firefighters attacking the blaze died after a brick wall fell on them.

2. “Driven to Steal”

Felix Filenger, the mastermind of an extremely large fraud ring, stole approximately $23 million in insurance payouts from whiplash injury claims from both real and bogus motor vehicle crashes in South Florida.

3. “Bribes for Blood”

Chiropractor David Nicoll of Parsippany, NJ won the award for the largest doctor bribery scheme in United States History in 2018, as he stole over $100 million by bribing approximately 38 corrupt doctors for fraudulent testing of blood samples.

4. “Toddler Killer”

Erica White of the Atlanta, GA area murdered her blind and deaf toddler, Tyrael McFall, by poisoning him to collect a $50,000 life insurance policy.

5. “Maladjusted Adjuster”

Jorge Fausto Espinosa, a public adjuster in South Florida, burned and flooded multiple homes to submit approximately $14 million in inflated claims, using the excuses of electrical problems, faulty water lines, kitchen accidents, etc.

6. “Home Arsonist Floored”

Billy Lester Parker and Billy Tucker of Hamilton, Ohio set fire to a structure to collect the insurance payout. However, tragedy struck again as another firefighter, Patrick Wolterman, died fighting the blaze after falling through a burnt floor.

7. “Pain for Profit”

Dr. Mishiyat Rashid of Detroit, MI performed painful, unnecessary spinal injections on homeless people, and flooded Detroit streets with over 4 MILLION painkillers to bilk Medicare for $300 million.

8. “Unsober Sober Homes”

Yury Baumblit of New York, NY ran unsafe and unsober homes by bringing in addicts and the homeless, forced many into unnecessary drug rehab facilities, pushed drugs on others, and evicted those who refused to cooperate with his demands.

9. “Money Addiction”

In one of the biggest health insurance scams in California history, Kirsten Wallace, the co-owner of a corrupt sober living home, stole the identified of addicts to overbill insurers $175 million.

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