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  • Dean Smith

Take a Hard Look at Your Partner’s Associations…

Humans are naturally social animals. So when someone inside your inner-circle breaks a couple rules, you may think it’s “not that bad” and follow suit. According to Scott Haltzman, M.D. in “Surviving Infidelity” on, this social deviance can apply to the likelihood that your partner will cheat if they are surrounded by cheaters.

Haltzman states, “When one person bends social conventions, it sends a message to others around to do the same thing. It’s not quite ‘mob behavior,’ but it is one way that an individual gauges the difference between right and wrong.”

Steven M. Ortiz, assistant professor of sociology at Oregon State University, has tested this phenomenon with professional athletes, which seem to have a higher “tendency” to cheat with more time spent away from home, “groupies,” and the influence of other athletes or teammates around them.

This phenomenon applies to the general population, not just athletes. According to Ortiz, “poor social modeling can happen anywhere, and to anyone. It can take place at night clubs, fitness centers or business conferences.” Essentially, if your friends, coworkers, or other people that closely surround you are taking the time to show interest in extramarital affairs, you are more likely to feel this behavior is acceptable and follow suit, because if everyone else is doing it, it must be ok.

Are the people closest to your significant other straying? Take a hard look at your partner’s closest associations, as it may be a hard look into the behavior of your partner, as well. Contact ICU Investigations to begin an investigation today. Every investigation is unique and requires special preparation and attention to detail. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation. The investigation is then prepped, planned and implemented by a specialist to meet your specific needs and obtain your desired results. Suspicious? Get Answers.

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