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  • Dean Smith

Suspicious? Get Answers with Cell Phone and Computer Forensics

We have stressed time and time again that just because something has been deleted, it absolutely does not mean that it’s not there. Text messages, emails, call logs, internet browsing history, pictures, documents, and much more are all retrievable even after seemingly being deleted. Fortunately for you, they’ve only been deleted from the surface. The digital footprint never goes away. We can retrieve it all.

For what purpose would you utilize cell phone and computer forensics? To investigate:

  1. Spouses/significant others

  2. Your children

  3. Employees on business accounts

  4. Key business personnel who left unannounced

  5. Any computer/phone that has suspiciously been “wiped clean”

Call ICU Investigations for your free consultation today. We have helped many individuals find the information they were looking for, even after thinking it was lost forever. Call 800-524-9755 for more information TODAY!

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