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  • Dean Smith

Survey Says: Business Trip Cheaters

Last year, The Daily Beast surveyed 400 married men to produce statistics on how many men cheat while away on business trips. The results are surprising.

The Daily Beast reports the results of the 400 men surveyed found:

32% have thought about cheating on their spouse while away on business

27% know someone who has cheated on his or her spouse while away on business

21% have had the desire to cheat on their spouse while away on business

8% have ACTUALLY CHEATED on their spouse while away on business

6% have paid for sex while away on business

Of the percentage of those who reported cheating while away on business:

71% say it occurred more than once

65% say their significant other never knew the truth, leaving 35% of those that say their spouse found out

Of those whose spouses found out about cheating:

55% say they told their spouse

27% say their spouse found notes, emails, and/or messages

Cheating with the Help:

2% of the married men surveyed say they had sex with a member of the hotel staff

12% say a member of the hotel staff had walked into their room while they were not fully dressed

3% of the men say that they have hit on a member of the hotel staff

Out of the men who said they made a pass at a member of the hotel staff, 55% say they were rejected, leaving 27% to say the member of staff accepted the offer

9% of the men surveyed say they booked a massage at their hotel

11% of the men who booked a massage say it was an attempt to have sexual contact (but none of the men admitted to initiating it).

Do you think the numbers increased or decreased over the past year?

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